Sunday, January 16, 2011

Make It Bake It Grow It or Sew It

We did the traditional Make it, Bake it, Grow it, or Sew it this year with the my family and yet again I am blessed with some talented family member. Must apologize now for the pictures I was tiered and I just don't want to take them all over again so here they are a bit blurry but you get the idea I also gave credit to both the spouses but we all now in our family who really did the work. ( My Sisters you rock)
Doug and Molly made bread and Apple butter for the adults. YUMMY! They also made note books for some of the kids here is a great Tutorial on how to make the books. For some of the other kids she made cute bean bags and included a print out of a bunch of different games to play with them.

Sean and Jen made the adults rice heat packs which I have to say I have used mine a ton! For the kids she made these adorable magnet boards from cookie sheets, craft paper and then made magnets from glass stones and wooden pieces.

Melissa made these shirts for the kids using fabric paint and freezer paper. You can be sure these will be showing up at a few birthday parties this year! Here is a tutorial we used to makes these cute shirts. She also made kits for the adults to grow some herbs this spring. I am so looking forward to having some fresh herbs to use.

My Sister Beth and Her new husband Steve gave us the gift of Family History. She put together some genealogy paper work for all of us. She continues to struggle to get more information on my dad's family as he is not from the USA. It was a thoughtful gift that took many hours.
I gave each of the adults a family breakfast kit which included cinnamon pancake mix( I will post the recipe soon), homemade jam, a pack of family recipes and some new ones I found out in blog land, and some fun conversation starters I printed onto business cards.
My mom gave us an amazing gift that really needs to be it's own post. As soon as I get mine back(hint, hint, momma) I will take a picture and share the story with you!
Look back here tomorrow to hear my mother in-laws great gift idea. Trust me you will want to hear it. It was a great fun gift that I have already started to adapt for next year for the nieces and nephews.

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