Thursday, January 20, 2011

book review

 I had the amazing opportunity to review another of Max Lucado's books called Cast of Characters. I LOVED IT!!! In this book Max takes you in to the lives of different characters of the Bible. Opens up  new thoughts and ideas into just who these people are and how deeply there lives have been changed by Jesus. Taking the common and ordinary and making them uncommon and used for God. I loved the way he makes the people in the Bible come alive and relatable. How I can see myself in them and find hope that God too can use someone common like me. I found myself seeing others around me different as well , moving away from judgement and misunderstanding to a hope for each of them. In one chapter he writes "The secret to loving is living loved.". I highly recommend this book the chapters are fairly short and each one is about someone different so you can jump around and take your time. Max Lucado has once again spoken to me in a way that helps me see just how amazing our God really is!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the book review, always looking for great books to read. Miss you all!

Miss Melney