Sunday, September 21, 2008

weekend fun/class assisment

This weekend I went on a fun adventure with my sisters and sister in-law. We had so much fun together. We went letterboxing a new tradition for us. We got to go hiking around and spend most the time laughing and catching up. Here is a cute picture of my two sisters unfortunately my picture of my sis in-law didn't turn out. Thanks girls for a great adventure and afternoon of laughter your the best!

A view of one of the trails we hiked that day.

I am taking a free online photo class and here are picture I took for my first assignment. We were to take to pictures of something in nature close up. A little hard as I only have one lens. So I had to do it all manual, no auto on these :). We were also not to do any editing to the pictures. So here they are just as I took them.
I am having so much fun already and hope to learn lot's of new things.


Missarrie said...

when i saw you picture of the Blackberries i thought of your "beautiful B"

goose and bear said...

Nice job on these, Michelle! Those trails look beautiful and peaceful. Is letterboxing where you have to find a notebook or something hidden at a designated place and then sign your name or find a "treasure"? I could be totally off with that :)