Friday, September 26, 2008

on the farm

Today we went out with some good friends my sister included to a little farm. I went mostly to get some pictures adn just have fun with the girls while the kids played. The kids had so much fun they couldn't wait to talk to daddy on the computer to show him all the flowers, and fruits and veggies they got. Daddy was impressed with the adventures. The are both sleeping off the fun morning with afternoon naps. Aunt M and Aunt B somehow managed to escape the camera.

What can a say but they make a cute pair wondering off to find adventure and rocks.

What a beautiful group of girls, not only are the so cute but the sweetest people too.

Miss M was a big help with LIttle Miss she loved showing her things and making sure she didn't wonder off to far.

I love seeing these two together. They are both so funny and full of spunk already. Thanks for the hug Miss L.

My Favorite pictures of the kids today


.k.h. said...

WOW! These are beautiful pics, girl! What fun!

goose and bear said...

Darling! Thanks for hangin' with us yesterday - we all had so much fun. I LOVE your pictures! The last ones of your kiddos are GORGEOUS!