Sunday, September 7, 2008

Labor day at the beach

Yippee a family day!

Time for sun and sand

We headed down to the beach for just the day last Sunday with Grandma and Grandpa riding along. What an amazing day! We went down thinking the weather would be bad but we would enjoy the day together. We stopped at the outlet mall to do a little Children's place shopping! Next stop was Winema we got to sit right next to Miss Melney and her family that was so much fun. The kids loved see all of them and the extra time. I loved how relaxing it was just to be there and spend some time together and some one on one time with each of the kids. I took over 200 pictures so to limit it to just a few to share was hard. So here is a few of my favorites from the day.
Daddy took this when Little Miss and I didn't know we were being watched playing in the water.

Daddy and Little Mister being watched this time :)

Little miss was not to sure about the sand at first she needed to think about it for a bit.

She thought about it and sounds like fun!

Little Mister is searching all over for things to add to his "belection"

"just how big is the ocean mom"

Little Mister with Grandma and Grandpa

Little Miss loved the water so much. She wanted to play in so bad. We all took turns watch her run back and forth.

All in all and amazing family day!


Say Go Do Fondation said...

Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow, I LOVE the one with the tiny foot and the pail! How Cute!

Holly & Cory said...

these are so cute. Thanks for sharing, I am so far away but im glad i can keep up with my cousins

AsH* said...

I love the one of little miss looking right at the camera and of her being tossed, really cute!! Great Job!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Thank you for sharing some of the day with us. I love you guys!!!!!


mclegg17 said...

Michelle, these are beautiful... you took some amazing pictures... what a beautiful family. I love the last picture.

.k.h. said...

AWESOME PICS GIRL! Love them! Lovely! You're a natural! :) That family one needs to be framed, for sure!!!!!!!!

goose and bear said...

Great beach pics, Michelle! I LOVE that one of you and little miss C. And I agree with Kim - print that last one BIG!

Brian said...

I took those pictures? Wow, I need to start a photo daddies site. :)

AsH* said...

Yeah photo daddies!!!

meg said...

very funny Brian you took one of those pictures. your dad took on too. you guys could start your own photo daddies site :)