Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the mind of a three year old

Little mister had me laughing and smiling yesterday with two funny things that happened. Apparently I am asking to much as a mom. Little mister told cousin A yesterday "I am to tired to play from all the work I had to do today" When she asked what work? His response was " make my bed, clean up my toys and play all day"
Oh the hard working days of a three year old :)
He was not to tired that night to do a little evangelism at dinner. We went out for a quick dinner with cousin a and the aunties to RR. When the red the bird came around Little Mister told me he had to tell him something important. I was wondering what this important thing might be... It was very important it was about his two favorite subjects.
"Red did you know you have a brain and that Jesus Loves you and is waiting for you in Heaven"
Red seem to think that was great news too.
I saw what faith like a child was all about. No fear of rejection no wondering if you have the right words at the right time, just saying it with faith. Jesus Loves You!


.k.h. said...

Love him! He rocks.

goose and bear said...

My heart is happy.

Missarrie said...

What a testimony! I just love this age. Miss having children around all day; but I am enjoying life as it is now.