Wednesday, June 27, 2012


If you have been following the blog for very long you know we are  family who usually takes one vacation each summer and sometimes a short trip to the beach or Sunriver in the Fall. Well this year we get an extra mini vacation! Brian had to take a CPE class to keep his CPA license current and they offered one he wanted in Bend. We decided to make a vacation out of it. We left Friday morning and stayed till Tuesday. Lucky for us it was before school got out so we even got the discounted housing rate!! Mr C missed a few days of school but was great about doing his homework while we were away. We had so much fun, it was amazing! We traveled thru poring rain to get there and decided no matter what we were going to have a great time. The kids were so excited to each have their own rooms, as soon as we got to the house they started unpacking. I love how each "decorated" their rooms with the stuff they brought from home. The first night there we played about 4 or 5 board games before it was time to head off to bed. The kids were so excited the next day they woke up 5am. I heard a noise in the kitchen and got up to check it out. I found these two eating breakfast already dressed ready for the day.
What an amazing day we had! After letting Dad sleep a little we went out for a walk and ride on the scooters. Around 10 we went to the new SHARC water park. They kids had such an adventure. Miss C loved the rock wall out side the center. Mr C loved the obstacle corse. After swimming a few hours  we headed home for lunch. The boys played Wii and Miss C and I headed outside to paint our nails.
After Wii time and manicures were done the kids and I headed out for a nature walk. I will post the pictures Mr C and I took tomorrow. After  the walk we joined Daddy in the garage for some ping pong and lots of laughter! We then headed inside to make cookies for our special guest that were joining us for dinner. I love this picture because it shows just how tired Miss C really is.

We were so excited to have Uncle Sean, Aunt Jen, Ethan and Abbi join us for dinner! The kids rode scooters together had dinner and then the girls played Barbies while the boys played on the wii. I was bummed I got so into talking with my brother and sis-inlaw I forgot to get a picture of them.
 These two are so cute together, I love seeing my kids play with any of  the cousins. I reminds me so much of my cousins when we were growing up.
 At around 8:45 little miss C asked to go to bed she was fast asleep with in just  a few moments. A wonderful first day of vacation!!!

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