Tuesday, June 26, 2012

music informance

Mr C's school does and informane for music class the last few weeks of school. The parents are invited to join the kids for music class and hear all about what they learned that year. This is in place of an evening performance. Miss C and I joined brother for lunch in the cafeteria and had fun playing wall ball with him and his friends at lunch time recess. I got to finish up the last of the spelling test with the kids in class then head off to hear Mr C sing. The kids sang about 8 different songs and Mr C gave a speech on Beethoven his favorite composer. Mr C really enjoys his music class and his teacher! He even told us he wants to teach music someday. My favorite part of his music class was just how much they really learned about composers and different styles of music. They even had test where she would play a song and they would have to name the composer. Thank you so much Mrs. Maynard for taking the time to make a difference. To help us continue to instill a love of music and learning. We will miss you greatly, but I hope you enjoy retirement!

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