Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Preschool grad!

Wow the last fees post have been all about little miss C! Mr C is doing well and I promise he will be back :) it just seems May is a very busy month for Miss C and lots of big moments. I am shocked at just how fast the school year went by! The week before school got out was beautiful and sunny. The week for field day and graduation... cold and rainy. Miss C started her day a little bummed when she found out her buddy would not be there. However she was easily cheered up when all her other friends walked through the door! Her favorite part of the field day? The Tug of war! 

The last day of preschool, oh the emotions I was feeling was crazy. I can not believe how grown up and independent she is getting. I feel sad knowing just how much she will miss her friends. I am sad knowing how much I will miss the moms I have gotten to know and our morning chats. I have even put off telling her one friend is moving, I guess if I don't say it out loud then it just may not be true :)

I was teared up thinking of these two off to Kinder next year at different schools. A better friend I could not of wished for for my little girl! I know they will stay friends for a long time as our families are close but I have so loved watching them this year be in school together. Watching them hug whenever they see each other and often holding hands or whispering secrets to one another. My favorite moment was when sweet miss L's name was called to get her certificate she paused on her way up and stopped to give miss c a hug. Talk about a tear jerking moment! 

Waiting for a turn on the bounce house. 

There she is with her two kindhearted Teachers, whom we will always hold dear. Thank you Mrs. McGuire and Mrs Carlson for making this such a wonderful year! Thank you for your patience and wisdom and loving my little ones while they were in your care!
 Congratulations Miss C you finished preschool and now you are a KINDERGARTNER!!! I love you so much and am very proud of you.

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Love all the sweet pictures and the postings.
G @ G-G