Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mothers day- Grant park

I remember so clearly the years I longed to be a mom. When each year the approaching  mothers day would break my heart and I would lie awake and wonder just what motherhood would be like. Praying and trying to grasp some understanding as to why the very thing I longed for most seemed so within my reach and yet so very far away. Praying that God would either grant us a child or take away the deep desire in my heart because it was just too hard. I imagined the snuggles and the way it must feel to comfort a little one and hear them say mom. I have to tell you 7 years into being a mom it was so much more then I ever imagined. To be completely honest in my dreaming and wishing I never thought of the late nights, no stop crying of both and mom and child :) , just how overwhelming the responsibility to raise and teach another human the ways of life can truly be! I didn't know just how much it would change my life. How when I see these two my heart is so full of love and joy! How watching my Husband be a dad would make me fall even more in love with him. I had no idea just how deep a mothers love can run. So as we celebrate mothers day and the kids say all kinds of nice things to thank me for being their mom, I want to remember to pause and thank God for letting me be a mom to these two amazing little ones. I pray that I may do my best and that God will fill in the great big gaps I have failed at. I am thankful for the family and friends who help me in so many ways to teach my children and encourage me to be a better momma. To all you moms out there I hope your mothers day was blessed and to all of you longing to be mothers I pray that the special child who was meant to be touched by you will come into your life at the perfect moment. 

 You  know my deep love of reading with my kids and the Romana series by Beverly Cleary is one of our favorites. So how perfect on mothers day we ended up after lunch at Grant park where they have a Beverly Cleary garden. A wonderful afternoon relaxing in the park!

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