Tuesday, March 15, 2011


For one afternoon last week we saw a bit of sunlight so we went to the park for a picnic. Lucky for us some friends were able to join us and made the afternoon a real blessing. That afternoon got me thinking,  I sometimes get so busy with the day to day of life that I forget the reason we are here in the first place. I sometimes forget we were created to be connected to other people, that as complicated as relationships can be they are the very thing that make us thrive. Each of my friends has a unique way of making me strive to be better to reach higher and to grow deeper in my faith. It is amazing to think of the responsibility of friendship in it self. Someone opens up who they are to you in the hope that you will care for them and except them. I have had my fair share of heart aches with trusting the wrong people, or the right people who make mistakes. I too have hurt others or let them down and for that I am so sorry.
 I also have had the honor of some amazing kind friends who know me and my many faults and still they hang in there with me. Some friends who started out as family but have grown to be wonderful friends too :) Friends who even as time passes and we have not talked in weeks, months and yes even years I know when we do talk it feels like no time has passed at all and we fall back into that familiar conversation. The point is I am so very thankful for each and everyone of you and the roll you have played in my life. Thank you for not only caring about me but my Husband and kids as well. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to be part of your life and share in your joy and your sorrows. Thank you God for blessing my life with some real authentic relationships!

Would have been nice if I got pictures of the kids with their friends :) but they were to busy playing and I was to busy chatting. So here are the two pictures of our afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

I love it. That was such a fun day. You are one the bestest friends someone could have. Love you!!!!