Wednesday, March 9, 2011

February was full of fun and a some celebrations. With lots of birthdays and Valentines day too we felt like there was a party all the time. We even  had time to celebrate a few extra fun days. Ground hogs day the kids made pudding for dessert and we had winter and spring sprinkles ready to use depending on if the ground hog saw his shadow or not. 

That same week was Chinese New Year, Mister C had a Parade at school and we made yummy beef with Brocolli for dinner, fried rice and had some fortune cookies too. 
Later that month was 100 days which you I posted about all the fun things we did. Mister C had to take 100 of something to school so he choose 100 crayons. 

We also had the joy of having Cousin A over for the day and had to take some pictures of the kids together. I will post those tomorrow. We celebrated presidents day with Cherry pie and talking about the jobs of a president and how voting works. We have had fun over the past few months celebrating the little things in life! I hope you and your family have too.

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