Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cousin A

Cousin A and the kids get there pictures together every year around Valentines day. To look back over the years is so much fun. 2010, 2009, before that I would have to scan the pictures in :)
We had planned to go somewhere and dress up but time  was against so cousin A asked if we could just do it the day she was here while we played outside. Here is a few pictures from our impromptu photo shot. Hope you enjoy them. ( Mister C only wanted his picture taken if Cousin A was with him)

As you look at these today Cousin A is at the doctors having her scheduled 3 month  MRI, please continue for her that the chemo will stop her tumor on her spine from growing as well as any new tumors from starting.


Loretta said...

Such great and precious pictures! Praying all goes well for A.

Anonymous said...

great job. As I write this i'm fighting back the tears. Thank you for capturing these moments. They are truly beautiful and treasured.


Anonymous said...

great job, sis! I see the toll the chemo is taking and I can't hold back the tears. You have captured my beautiful neices' & handsome nephew's faces wonderfully. thank you for sharing!map