Wednesday, March 30, 2011

book review

  I have been given another book to review however this time I will not be giving it away as someone has already asked me for it. The book was The sacred Meal by Nora Gallagher. It is part of The Ancient Practice Series by Thomas Nelson. The series is written to help people better understand and explore the traditions rooted deep in Christian faith. To seek out the how and whys of some of the fundamentals practice of the church through out it's history. Nora Gallagher is a good story teller and brings history and faith to life. An interesting book and thought provoking while teaching you as well. This book causes you to stop the ancient practice of doing and realize the live and active roll you playing in your own faith.  While one may not agree with all the information given it is worth the time and energy to discover for yourself why you take Communion and the role it plays in your walk with the Lord.


Jon Burns said...

I'm curious: you gave this book 2 stars on Booksneeze. What didn't you like about it that caused the lower rating? Reading just the review made me think you liked or appreciated the book.

meg said...

Jon that was a mistake on my part I went back and fixed my rating on Booksneeze. I did appreciate the book and have passed in on already to someone I know who will enjoy it.