Tuesday, January 20, 2009

politics summed up by a 4yr old

I know two post in one day is a little much but I had to share the "conversation" I over heard yesterday. We talked to Little Mister about how George Bush is no longer our president and how we will now have a new president. Later in the day I heard him playing in his room..

" ring ring
hello, this is Little Mister
who is this
oh hi George Bush...
yea, yes, ok ,ok, sure
oh really
well we all have to take turns being in charge...
you are a good president

"ring ring
oh hi Barack Obama
yes, yes, ok, ok
well make sure you are a nice president
oh I can be president one day too!
ok thanks bye"


Jen said...

That is AWSOME! It is amazing how much the young minds take in.

Jen said...

forgot to add- little mister gets my vote, when he runs for pres!

Anonymous said...

Out of the mouth of 'babes'. I think he had good advice for our new president. Colin for President! :)