Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Each Christmas we get the kids ornaments that represent the year. This year was hard to find just the one we wanted. However Grandma and Nana seemed to find just the right ones with no trouble at all
I thought with the crazy weather and how rare it is to get that much snow it seemed the kids should get snow flakes to remember it by

Little miss got this from Grandma it happens to be her favorite princess too...

Little Mister asked if I could get him a brain ornament so he could remember he wants to be a brain doctor. I searched everywhere for a doctor. I even considered making a brain one but last min I found this one...

little mister got this transformer from grandma which seems fitting as he got about 4 transformers for Christmas( all star wars ones of coarse)

My sis in-law Jen made this cute ornament for our make it,bake it , grow it or sew it Christmas.

My sis Beth gave this to me as a thank you. The proceeds go to help with children's cancer research. I am tempted to keep it up all year.

Karen put this on a present to me and I loved it! no mistaking it mine :)

My ornament from Karen was an angel of prayer how fitting with the year we have had. No doubt that was a great one to sum up this year.

Brian got this one from his parents... don't worry his brothers got ones that say middle born mom's favorite and third born mom's favorite.

We packed up the ornaments before I got a picture of the ballerina barbie nana got Little Miss and the deathstar ( Darth Vadars ship for those non star wars fans)for little mister.
I am making Little miss a B orniment to reminder of her favorite things ( bell(tinkerbell), boz, bob from veggie tales, barbie, baby dolls, and her bubby(little mister)). We looked all over to find the right one for her and I didn't like the ones I found so I will post a picture of it when I am done.
Did any of you get a special ornament or make one this year? I would love to hear about it.


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Michelle, Good idea to take pics of the ornaments-helps you remember what year they are from. We've done a special ornament every year of our marriage-this year we waited until we were in Kansas to buy one and we bought a KC ornament. We try to keep a running list of our "special" ornaments and the year---after awhile it sometimes is hard to remember it all.


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of ornaments. We have bought ornaments every year for our kids as well. I love putting up the Christmas tree, I can tell you about every ornament we have. The ornaments are blessing as we remember each family we received them from or why we bought it. Your tree will be rich with history as well. Miss Melney

Becky said...

What great pixs of the special ornaments. We used to do that- but sometimes you forget where a few of the ornaments came from. It is special to remember each year the story behind each one. We now have no more room for more ornaments- my kids are always home for Christmas, so we still have all of theirs on the tree too. Someday, when they take their ornaments, I will be able to buy new ones!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your special ones. We have some at our house. Of course, some have now gone 'home' with our kids. They always bring special memories when hung on the tree each year.