Friday, August 22, 2008


We went down town today with Cousin A to see the Oregon Ballet Theater dance practice outside. oops that is next week! So instead we played in the park after our stop at the children's place where Little Miss got a new hat...

The kids played and let me take few pictures of them and Cousin A danced for us so we could say we saw a ballerina today. Little mister played like he was Luke skywalker on another planet. He made a few people smile at his game.
digging in the pit to find princess L

cousin A thinking of what dance move to show us next

Little Miss people watching

The best group shot I could get with this crazy crew.

We ended the day with a rare treat for my kids a lunch at McDonald's. I think this was little Misters favorite part of the day as they had star wars toys. He asked if we could eat there all time so he could get all the different ones. He even called daddy at work to see if daddy would go to McDonald's for lunch to get another star wars toy. Happy Meal any one? I know this little guy would join you or at least take the toys off your hands :)
Enjoy your weekend!


goose and bear said...

Great photos, Michelle (as usual!) That last one is so hilarious. I would frame it :)

We're planning on going to the OBT exposed thing next week, too. Want to go together?

Missarrie said...

I love looking at your blog; what great pictures of the kids. Little Mister and Little Miss are sure growing up fast!

Keep up the great work.