Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ok so we have been really busy and I am behind on updates. Last weekend was so busy we had the last of swim and sports class for the kids. Then an evening with the G family bbq, playing at the park and games. Sunday was church then off to Cousin K's birthday.
At swim class Daddy got to take little miss down the water slide that she loved! This girl has no fear and loves to try new things.

At sports class little mister had lots of fun. He even got an award and a stamp on his hand for being part of the team. Way to go little guy we are so proud of you.

We joined Grandma, Grandpa, Grammy, Uncle T, Aunt R, and Uncle M for a great evening of fun. Little Miss got a new outfit and Little Mister got this amazing Darth Vader head that talks and changes your voice when you talk in the mask. We enjoyed a yummy dinner, adventures at the park and a mighty great game of nertz. I won't say who won because that would be bragging :) however there was a lot of sabotage going on which made the game that much more fun!

I will post some pictures of the birthday party later this weekend. Hope you all enjoy your cool Labor Day weekend!


nertzfan said...

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Missarrie said...

I love keeping up with your adventures. Little Miss and Mister are growing up so fast. Now that you are not working (outside the home) can we get together for lunch sometime?