Saturday, July 13, 2013

Second Grade field trip

Mr. C's class has been studying insects fro the last three weeks. So for this years field trip we headed to the Nature park to learn all about the insects and bugs that live there. In the morning we walked the park and looked to things to our alphabet list of living things in the park. The conversation between the kids cracked me up!

 One of my favorite flowers.

 After a picnic lunch we went to learn about the three different types of bugs and insects that lived in the park. First up was grass or meadow bugs. The kids took turns catching things in the nets and then looking at them in the boxes. We then moved on to forest bugs and insects where the kids got to dig in the dirt and try to find some bugs. Last was water bugs where the park had a big tank of tadpoles and buckets filled with pond water to sift through and find water bugs.

 Mr C and his best buddy Mr L.

What a fun day! I loved watching Mr C learning with his friends. Special thank to Miss Jess for taking such good care of Miss C so I could go.

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