Thursday, July 11, 2013

May Birthdays

 This year her birthday fell on Mothers day and a Timbers game. We celebrated the day with a few friends and had lots of fun. She also had a mermaid themed party and i will post more about that later. I can not believe how much she has changed in a year. I think the biggest thing is just how much she is reading! I love you sweet girl!!!
One more may Birthday....
Happy Birthday Grandma! Well a few months early... We "surprised" Grandma with a party for her 60th birthday however she was to smart for us and figured it out. I apologize now for the lack of photos. I was a bit busy and handed the Camera off to other people :)
I would like to say a great big thank you to so many who helped pull this off! There truly is to many to list, but please know your kindness will never be forgotten. Thank you!
The Germer Boys (plus one)

 We had fun using old photo's to decorate with and reading peoples memories and stories about Karen. Happy Early Birthday Karen you deserve a day all about you. I am truly blessed to have you as such a big part of my life. Watching your friends pitch in and help, laugh and celebrate, and share stories shows just how much you mean to so many.

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