Monday, July 2, 2012

Thanks a bunch

I started collecting glass jars in the spring and even enlisted some help from a friend so I could put these flower vases together for the last day of school. With all the people Mr. C encounters I needed to come up with 10 gifts. These jars tied with burlap and ribbon in the school colors seemed like a simple yet kind way to say thank you. I am deeply touched how his school works. It feels very much like a functional family and I feel safe leaving my little boy in their hands. We feel truly blessed to have a principal who deeply cares for her students and passes that quality on down through her staff. Mr C was blessed to have an amazing teacher who saw where he was as a student and strived to challenge him  and help his desire to learn grow stronger. I love that she saw his strengths and saw ways to make them stronger but more importantly saw his weaknesses and gently guided him to work on those too. Having worked in classrooms I understand the number of kids and getting to the agenda for the day can often take over. As a mom I appreciate  his teachers way of seeing past the agenda to the little ones before her. Taking each student at their own level and needs and making her classroom a safe inviting place to learn. Mrs. Craig we will be ever thankful for the important role you played in  Mr C's life this year. 

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Anonymous said...

What a nice tribute to an excellent teacher!