Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Swim Lessons and life lessons

The kids were very lucky to take swim lessons at a friends neighborhood pool and be in a class with their good buddies. With just a few lessons I have seen such change in all the kids. I was proud of all four of them gaining new skills and  getting over old fears. As the week went on I was very happy that my kids were getting over their fears and really trying new things. By the end of lessons each had a new set of skills and were ready for a new set of classes. I however saw a much greater lesson being learned and I could not be more happy! I saw each of the kids cheer one another on not just at lessons but when we went to the pool with some other friends too. They were not competitive or bragging about their different skills. My kids talked just as much about what their friends did at swim class as as what they did too. I am not sure just how they gained this skill but I pray it stays with them for a life time. I am so thankful they have friends who can encourage and support them. I truly want my kids to know what it means to be a good friend. I know they will have their moments of jealousy or competitiveness by I truly pray kindness, encouragement and joy are more prevalent attributes.  

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