Thursday, October 20, 2011


One Night a year the Germer's get all dressed up and pretend to be cowboys and head to the rodeo. We had so much fun and lots of adventure this year! The kids loved getting there early to watch the rodeo Princesses ride around. Each picked who there favorite was and why. That was a great conversation to listen to! At one point Mr C needed to use the restroom so I took him. While we were waiting I could hear the crowd going crazy. By the time we got back things had calmed down as we got to our seats I see the rocks right in front of where I was sitting were all messed up. Brian couldn't wait to tell me what I had missed. A Rider was thrown from his horse over the fence and landed right in front of where I had been sitting! You think that would have been the end of it but no Miss C had to go to the bathroom and of corse as we are waiting the crowd is once again going crazy as a bull in the pin was so out of control the had to let him out to got through the gate and he almost crash into someone who was to close to the fence. Luckily both people were safe and a bit of a bummer for me that I missed the most exciting events of the evening. All in all good family fun!

(We only let our kids get this close to the fence at the beginning of the rodeo when the princesses are ridding around)

That look is for her momma... I love it!

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