Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Miss C's class took a field trip to the pumpkin patch, which fell on a day Mr. C had no school. I truly enjoyed watching them work together to find their pumpkins. Mr C found his right away, while Miss C said no to almost every pumpkin we found. After looking for a while and saying no to every pumpkin yet unable to tell us what she was looking for she finally found her perfect pumpkin. She walked right up to it and proudly pointed to it and turned to Mr C and I saying "this is it, can you carry it for me?" as she runs off to play. I have a feeling there will be  lots of moments like this in her life where she will search for many things but when she finds what she is looking for she will know with out a doubt she has found it. Oh how I do pray that some of her life searches are quick and painless, or at least she knows God is right there beside her and we will be there cheering her on. Funny how small moments like these get me thinking about such big moments, I guess I just am always hoping we are teaching the things they need to make it through lives big moments while we are in the middle of the small ones. 

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Mary Schleining said...

Even when your kiddos are grown, you will still be praying this prayer!