Tuesday, October 18, 2011

JR Rangers

This year the kids got to be Jr Rangers the went to a class each morning completed the home work showing the learned about three different plants or animals and a trivia fact about the state park. After three days the earned a badge and patch saying they were official Jr rangers. It was fun to see them work so hard to earn there badge. Funny thing was how strict they were on the homework. One day Miss C only drew a picture of two plants or animals not three so they did not let her advance to the next level :)
The kids enjoyed it so much they would make the adults attend Jr Rangers at our campsite, where they would teach us all the things they had learned that day.

 On our way to a Jr ranger hike....
 at the the end of the hike
Every class included a talk from a ranger about the plants and animals found in the Wallowa Mtns., a hike to somewhere in the park that would include the fun fact about Wallowa, and then head back for a snack and time to do some of your homework.

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goose and bear said...

I love all of these! Such great memories.