Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So is it just me or is the summer flying by? I finally got a moment this morning to use the Mac as my dear hubby has it most nights, oh the new life of an author :) Which lucky for you or unlucky depending on how you see it I can finally post some pictures I have been waiting to show you. So we are going back a few months and try to catch up on all the summer happenings in our crazy lives.
      The last day of school is for some a day full of excitement and anticipation for summer. I used to look forward to summer and time with friends and the thought of maybe next fall I would get a wonderful teacher and sit by all my friends. Well for mister C the end of the year brings completely different feelings. He was broken hearted saying goodbye to his friends and teacher. Leaving behind the routine of school to the unknown days of summer, the wondering and worry of who will be his new teacher and will they be like his last teacher. I tried my best to make the day fun and exciting with give aways to his friends, lunch out, and dinner of his choice. We even had a first day of summer party with a few friends the next day. Even with all of this his heart was still heavy and so in turn was mine.  Snuggled up to me that night we had such a good talk about how life is sometimes hard and full of changes. When those times come we have two choices be sad and think only of our sadness or be sad and try to think about the good things to come. I asked him which one he thought would be best, he thought for a moment " I think it would be best if things stayed the same." I guess we will just have to keep talking and snuggling through the goodbyes and changes in life.

 the boys at the bus stop
 Mister C and his AMAZING and CARING teacher Mrs. Meyers.


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