Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Book Review

Life is full of questions and I am often left wondering just who is the right person to ask or where can I find the answers.  Some questions simple and just from curiosity to ones that trouble me late at night. How wonderful to have one book full of answers straight from the Bible all in one place. Max Lucado once again entertains me as well as informs me! A man who can write and tell a story unlike any one else. He takes questions he has been asked over the many years of writing and answers them as best he can.  He answers over 150 questions using whit, heart, imagination but most of all with wisdom and the word of God.  This book includes such topics as prayer, suffering, hope, parenting, relationships, prayer, finances, and so many others.  This book could be read all at once or used as a reference as those questions fill your mind. This is a book I know I will be turning to for years to come. Way to go Max Lucado another great book!


Anonymous said...

I just finished Fearless. I alway finish his books taking something good away. Looking forward to reaching this one. Sorry I missed whishing you a happy anniversary. I hope it was a great one. Say hi to the kiddos love you MAP

Melney said...

Thanks for the book review. I look forward to reading it. My bible study group is getting ready to study Facing Your Giants in September. Always enjoy his books.