Monday, August 15, 2011

4th of july

What a fun day! We started the morning out just hanging out at home and relaxing! Miss C and I made a pie together for our picnic that night. 
 That afternoon we headed over to our friends for a yummy BBQ and the kids had so much fun playing and running around! I realized as we were leaving I forgot to take any pictures we were having so much fun. So I snapped a few pictures not paying any attention to the sunny bright window behind the boys :)

 We then headed over to "the City" and spend the evening with family and more friends. The evening was fun to catch up and share stories. Miss C loved watching fireworks with her daddy! Mr C does not like the noise of it all.
 Grandma brought sparklers for the kids and they both had fun with those. Except when one of the sparks fell off and burned Miss C's foot.
 Grandma and Mrs Paula came to the rescue with a cool pack for the foot and a round of Angry birds on Grandma's iphone.
A wonderful day dull of laughter and many memories.

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