Tuesday, May 3, 2011

part 4 ....

We headed to the beach one last time before heading home. This is where some of my favorite moments of the day happened! Brian and I standing together watching the kids run and play. Standing next to my best friend hoping this memory is never forgotten. The innocents of the kids, the sun shinning on our faces, forgetting any worries and just being right here in this moment.  

 Miss C  asked me to walk with her in to the water and I was excited to join her after all this is usually a moment she spends with her dad. As we walked hand in hand to the water I thought how she is growing up so fast. I feel like I am missing so many moments in keeping up with the day to day. I wondered if she knows just how much I love her. As we reach the waters edge and the cold freezing water washes over our sandy feet she laughs and giggles and give me that infectious smile of hers. "Again mom?" she asked as the water recedes. Again we let the water wash over us this time she looks up at me with a sparkle in her eye and says " I love you mom!"

   Earlier in the day Mister C got a piece of salt water taffy. He was so excited and couldn't wait to have it. So we are walking along as he is chewing his candy and I am not sure how but it falls out of his mouth onto the ground. He starts to cry and says to all of us "This is the worst day ever!" His mood got a little better as we shared Ice cream and then stopped to get a new piece of taffy for the next day. He seemed to have forgotten all about it as we started to play on the beach. Then  as we are leaving the beach Mister C and I walk hand in hand. He tells me all about how he likes to read now and how he hopes he can read chapter books soon. He tells me " Mom I don't know why but I just do believe in Jesus. Do you mom?" I tell him I do and he responds with a big smile " This is the best day ever!"
I have to agree days like this are the best!

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Loretta said...

Michelle, Thanks for sharing your precious times with us. You will be so happy when your kids are grown that you have written down these special times as well as the wonderful pictures you have. I know I had special moments with my boys, but unfortunately life takes over and sometimes those memories start to fade. :( Treasure the moments while you have them, they go way too fast!