Friday, May 20, 2011

A Real Princess...

  On her birthday someone asked Miss C who her favorite Princess is? I think there were a bit confused when she answered Princess Kate, in their mind they were waiting to hear some Disney princess.  A few days later I came across our pictures from the day we watched the wedding together.  It meant so much to me to watch it with her as I remember so clearly watching Princess Di and Prince Charles with my parents. I also remember watch Princess Di's funeral with my family who was visiting from England at the time.
       It was a lovely afternoon of laughing about stories of my family in England, Miss C watching a real princess and Mr C thinking it was cool William's brother was named Harry just like Harry Potter. The kids even did there best British accents the whole afternoon.  A little disappointed however that they did not like tea,  I will have to keep trying :)
The Official Royal Wedding photographs by The British Monarchy

If your little one likes Princess Kate too I found this great paper doll set at the  Disney family site. It comes with all kinds of  princess dresses and a Kate paper doll.

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