Saturday, May 21, 2011

I posted a while back about how much I loved the book Cold Tangerines and how it motivated me to Celebrate each day! On our chalk board in our kitchen it says "CELEBRATE TODAY!" which my husband thinks is beyond cheesy but to me it reminds me to stop sometimes and enjoy the moment.  As cheesy as he thinks the saying is he has been enjoying the reminder to take time as a family. A few weeks ago on a Sunday the sun came out for one day in between the rain we were having.  The kids begged to go to the park so we packed up the car and headed to their favorite park. Well everyone else had that idea too. The park was so crowded we had to try somewhere else. After taking a ver long drive we finally made it to Cooper Mt. nature Park. The kids enjoyed the play ground then to get out of the sun we went on a hike through the woods.  I loved walking together as a family, sometimes all talking together and at others  times the kids talking to each other as Brian and I chat.  At one point Dad and Miss C went one way and Mr. C  and I went the other. I enjoyed the quiet and the questions Mr C ask. I love the peacefulness of being outside with no distractions and just being together all of us. Brian surprised us all by stopping for ice cream on the way home. A fun way to end a great day together.

Mr. C did not want his picture taken but Miss C couldn't get enough of the camera :)
(I am not sure why all my pictures look fine when I edit put get fuzzy when I post them?  Until I can figure it out sorry for the fuzzy pictures. )

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