Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break

Ok a bit behind but hopefully this week I will catch up. Spring break was fun and we had the privilege of joining some friends one morning at OMSI. You think I would have thought to get a group shot of all of the kids but it completely slipped my mind. I was only able to snap a few pictures as OMSI is full of so many hands on things that I was barley able to keep up with my two and their curiosity.

 * note to self take kids picture before they are warn out and the rain starts to fall :)

We also enjoyed a morning at the park. Cousin A  was able to join us along with some other friends which made the morning that much more fun.  Miss C  and her friend M escaped the camera but I was able to get a few of Mister C, J and Cousin A.

We also enjoyed a few bike rides around the neighborhood, a visit to the Library, some frozen yogurt , and even a movie night at home.

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