Monday, April 25, 2011

Book review

     How To Be God's Little Princess by Sheila Walsh is a fun, encouraging book written for young girls who want to improve their manners, etiquette and true inner beauty.  This cute book is full of advice, guides, quizzes and fun ideas for young girls on everything royal. I loved how the book gave advice on what to wear, how to set a table, party do's and don'ts, thank you notes, posture and pose, hosting a party, Internet do's and don'ts, and many other subjects in a fun way. The best part of the book was how she focused on what really matters, your inner beauty. How to be a good friend, kindness, generosity, faith, being respectful, forgiveness and most of all living a life that is pleasing to the King himself God.  I thought this book was fun to read and one girls will refer to  over and over again. I am looking forward to reading it with my little girl as she gets older. With all the focus on princess for little girls this book is refreshing in it's light hearted reminder of what really matters in life as a princess, your heart.


Anonymous said...

is it new? it sounds good, wonder if I can find it at the library. We missed you on Sunday. Mel has your movie (sorry!) love you MAP

meg said...

M- It is new and I thought of your little ones I read through it. They would love it!!!