Sunday, February 13, 2011

mystery giveaway

Ok last time no responses on the children's book giveaway but no worries it has found a good home. So I will try this one more time. This time it is not a children's book but a mystery novel.

   The mountains bow down (a Raleigh Harmon novel) written by Sibella Giorello an FBI specialist joins her mom, Aunt and her Aunts crazy friend for a vacation cruise through Alaska. Shortly as the ship sets off it looks like FBI Agent Raleigh is no longer on vacation but on the case of proving her hunch that the death of a famous movie stars wife is not a suicide but a murder. As she works to juggle personal life, work life and unraveling the mystery before her Raleigh must answer many questions that will have a lasting effect on many of those around her. An easy enjoyable read that would be great for a long rainy nights it looks like we are going to be having again. I look forward to reading other books by Sibella Giorelle including The River Runs Dry, The Clouds Roll Away, and The Stones cry out.

So you want a copy??? Just leave a reply letting me know what ways your favorite Valentines day tradition is. Don't have one? then an idea of one I can start with my little ones :)
The giveaway will end Friday February 18 2011 at 11pm


Anonymous said...

while I dont really have any valentines traditions currently I loved when mom would make a fancy dinner for valentines day. If I had kids I think pizza shaped like a heart is pretty cute. Home made valentines are always fun too.

melissa (your favorite sister within the local area :)!)

Torri said...

Hi Michelle. :)

Christian and I celebrate Valentine's Day 364 days a year, just not on the actual day. :) But, Christian makes sure his little girls feel special and loved on V Day. This morning, they each had a long stem rose, a mylar balloon, and a gift bag with chocolate and a pretty candle. He is definitely setting the bar high for future husbands. :)

Angie said...

We don't buy the boxed school Valentines in our house. Every year, Josiah and I make his class Valentines for school. He loves getting out he sizzix die cuts. We use pretty papers to cut hearts that can be decorated. Last year he embossed them all. A couple years ago we stole a Pottery Barn idea and made super cute animal collages. I'm looking forward to next year with two class lists in hand. It's sure to be a crazy mess.

Jen said...

we have no traditions, but I've heard a bunch of people mention candlelight dinners for the kids- I like that idea and might have to try it tonight.(love the pics on your valentine post too!)

Melney said...

Hey Michelle - I always tried to make it a special day before they headed out the door to school so breakfast was something heart shaped - pancakes, french toast, or toast with heart shape cut out an egg fried in the middle. We made heart shaped cookies and frosted them after school to share with others. Now as young adults I write a card to them about how much they are loved and with a "little" something (movie ticket or small gift card).

Hope to win the book - I love a good mystery!!!

Lisa said...

For years, we did Lady and the Tramp Valentine's dinner, because we had spaghetti, French bread, salad and cheesecake for dessert on our very first it was fun to include the kiddies in on our tradition. They loved it! Of course, we would get dressed up and have candlelight {we do most evenings anyway...and it seemed to calm the kiddies down when they were young!}

Anonymous said...

For valentines day I loved making cream puffs for you guys and giving you a little present on the table for dinner

Love mom

Anonymous said...

JP1 has long had the tradition of sending his kids special Valentine cards that he himself picked out : ) He wanted to be sure that his kids always knew that their Dad loved them very much.


p.s. there is always room for a new book at our house : )