Saturday, February 26, 2011

100's day

Please forgive the fuzzy poor pictures but this is what happens when the day is almost over and I am to exhausted to check my photos :)
This Friday was 100 days at school and in honor of our word for the year we continued to CELEBRATE at home too. From the door way of their bedroom I hung red circles and circles with school shapes saying 100's day.
Mister C made a banner to hang from the mantel along with 5 or 6 worksheets for the family to do that were all about 100
I made an apple, lined paper, pencil and book circles to decorate with

Mister C stopping just for a moment for the allotted 1 picture in his 100's day glasses he made at school

Mister C picked dinner with the help of little miss. I tried my best to make it look like  100

We then sat at the table and listed 100 things we like and popped 100 kernels of popcorn (thanks Aunt Sissa for the idea)
  Mom, dad, brother, sister, Nana, Grandma, Grandpa, iron man, Cousins A, K, G, A, E, and A, Uncle T, M, S, D and S, Aunts M, B, M, J, R, and K, friends, barbies, books, Beverly Clearly, drawing, painting, math, popcorn, mint cookies, sunny days, daises, princesses, superheros, netflix, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, people park (little people),camera, guitars, music, dancing, a clean house, Cheetos, bugles, soup, applesauce, purple, red and yellow, pink, blue, flowers, fishy, Wallowa, beach, floating on the lake at Wallowa, warm bath, Germer Family Day, birthdays, shopping, God, Jesus, tea, Kit Kat, hot chocolate, Starbucks, McDonald's, strawberries, sugar cookies, salt, Mrs. Meyers, Mrs Mary, sparkles, ridding bikes, boots, magic, Wii, board games, legos, coke, juice, sprite, Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, playing outside, sandbox, drawing with chalk, sour chips( salt and vinegar), ice cream, daddy chair, flying with dad, hide n seek, waterfalls, drawing with mom, racing, duck duck goose, and having our friends over to play

We have celebrate so many thing this month and I look forward to posting more this week. Hope you have find something to celebrate today!

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