Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book giveaway winner

I did not forget about you all and the free book. I have been sick for a week and with tax season here, I was just doing the best I could to get by for a while :)
So the lucky winner drawn from random pieces of paper by little miss herself, #7
-Miss Melney it looks like we have one more reason to stop by and visit you real soon. Thank you all for your ideas for Valentines day. As I was sick this year we celebrated kind of late. I hope to have the post up later tonight.

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Melney said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!! So excited I won and more excited you get to bring it to my house and I get to see you all! :) Have more stickers to give you and tell you about a new great kids game to tell you about. Sorry you have been sick - hope you are better.