Saturday, December 18, 2010

Calling all superheroes

This year Little Mister had a superhero party. We sent out Batman invites calling all super heroes to join us at the bat cave. ( I got the bats at JoAnna's Fabrics after Halloween for very inexpensive!)
We found a cool Batman happy birthday banner to hang up...
The kids got to color in some supper Hero books I found at the dollar store.
We made the cup cakes and found the SuperHero rings at a cake Decorating store.

Each child got to make a mask
Little Mister even had Bear get dressed up for the party.
The kids got to make and name there own Superhero out of foam pieces. We used crepe paper for the capes.

Dolly even put her Halloween costume on to join in the fun.
We used cards he had already received and I made up some batman and super man symbols for the mantel. We also placed all his little action figures up there as well.

Last but not least they all got to take home a super cape of there own.
I wish I had more pictures of the day as most kids all came dressed up as there favorite super hero. The big hit of the party was the mister freeze dance.
It was a SUPER fun day and I still can't believe my little boy is six already.

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