Thursday, December 16, 2010


We have been doing our advent activities however with Christmas so busy this year I have not had tons of time for the pictures. So here is a quick review of what we have done so far not in any order.
1. paint wooden ornament for a friend
2. decorate Happy Birthday Jesus poster
3. make gingerbread gift tags
4. Thank you note to God for all he has done this year
5. read how the Grinch stole Christmas
6. Watch how the Grinch stole Christmas
7. Dance to Christmas music
8. make foam Christmas magnets
9. Nativity scene stickers
10. Make and draw a picture for a friend
11. bake cookies a game together
13. make snowman ornament
14. wrap presents
15 go shopping to buy daddy and the grandparents gifts
16. write a letter to Santa and mail it- I will do a post on this soon

So far lots of fun and I have already started making plans for next year I hope to write out my own daily reading from the bible combining lots of different books we have found but none that really fit what we are looking for. Well time to finish some baking....
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