Monday, October 4, 2010

Make it Monday

First off I must thank my mother in-law for teaching me to sew and starting the sewing bug in me a few years ago. My mom and grandma both tried to teach me when I was younger but it did not really appeal to me till I had a little girl and a home of my own. Sorry mom! I like to sew with patterns but what I really like is taking something and changing it into something new. I am by no means a great seamstress and would terrify some of you that are but I have fun and I am getting better with time. Thank you so much Karen for your patience and gentle instruction.
While out at a garage sale this summer I found this beautiful dress it really looks much better on a hanger but you get the idea. It was on sale for the low price of two dollars with the 21.99 tag still on it :)

I admit when I first saw it I thought of a few friends that would look great in it but then I saw so many different things I could make with the fabric. I have held on to the dress for a few months now because I felt a tad bit guilty cuting it up and I wanted to make sure I knew just what to make. While looking on the web I found this site called Sewing In No Mans Land. I found the perfect thing to make. I used some red I had just bought for another project I am working on and enough left over to make this skirt for Little Miss.

The best part was the top of the dress is that stretchy stitching so no need to do a waist band I just cut in between two rows and stitched it for a clean line. The rest was fairly easy thanks to the great tutorial.
I have so much fabric left over from the dress and a few fun plans for what to do with it. I will keep posted on what happens to the rest of the dress.


Anonymous said...

So cute!!

Karen said...

Absolutely adorable! I think you have surpassed me in sewing ... you can see the potential for such cute projects! You have such a good eye for fabric and color. That's one of the keys to successful sewing.
GREAT job, Michelle. Can't wait to see what's next.

Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job! Such a cute outfit on a really cute model : ) Can't wait to see part II ...


goose and bear said...

I totally agree with Karen - this is amazing! You do have the best eye for taking something old and making it totally updated and adorable. I love it!

mclegg17 said...

Wow, Michelle... yet again I am blown away by you! You are amazing. I love the skirt and Miss C is getting so big