Sunday, October 10, 2010

letter C

Two week ago was crazy busy and a bit tough so the beauty of home preschool we just waited a week to do the letter C.
The kids made little c caterpillars and Capital C crabs. We got the idea from the site Homeschool creations. As we make each animal we talk about the sound each letter makes. I am amazed at how fast Little miss is picking it up and how much Little mister likes to help her.

On the days we don't do a specific project we work on brothers homework and Little miss loves to work in her workbook.

I put some yellow, red, and blue paint in a plastic bag sealed it closed and let the kids mix it all together to see what the color together make. They played with it for almost an hour. We then saved them and used them the rest of the week to practice writing our names "in" the paint. The felt like they were doing messy art while it was all contained in a bag.

Little Miss and I had fun making chocolate chip cookies while brother was at school. Little mister loved coming home to a treat of warm cookies.

Lastly on a very rainy Saturday we got home from soccer and decided it was the perfect day to make some yummy chocolate pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Check out the recipe on my friend Lisa's blog. They taste so good!


Lisa said...

Saw your sissy at Baja Fresh on Sunday! Love her hair!!! She said you were having trouble with the dough. Did they end up okay? Once you get the hang of the yeast, it will be really easy!

Anonymous said...

What good little helpers!