Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patricks day!

What fun we have had today even though we are still getting over colds, ear and sinus infections.
The kids woke to find gold coins leading them to a small gift of green jelly beans and Legos for Little Mister and a Stacey doll for Little miss. They were super excited to wear new shirts I made for them yesterday. They were so easy to make and lots of fun we will defiantly do it again in the future. I found the instructions on several different sites. Here is the link to one of them- Tee Shirt

You take a tee shirt then adhere any shape or letters with either spray glue or a pins just make sure it will stay put temporally. For Little Misters I cut a shamrock from copy paper. Little miss I used a wooden heart shape. You then spray it with bleach. Here is a lesson I learned spray once then see what it looks like if you want more then spray again. Once you are happy with how your shirt has lightened up remove stencil and rinse shirt in water. ( I sprayed the back with bleach too to make it look more uniform be fore rinsing the shirt) Then wash and dry before wearing.

I am so excited to make some more for the summer! If you make any let me know I would love to see what you came up.

After Preschool we went outside to play for a bit before picking up Aunt sissa. The kids were so great in letting me take some pictures however Little Mister informed me he would only smile ten times so I need to take the pictures fast :)

Well we are now off to make some rainbow cupcakes to enjoy after our Irish dinner. Have a great day!


mclegg17 said...

You are so cute and creative, amazing!!!!! ... I love that little mister told you he would only smile 10 times... I cannot believe how long Little Misses hair is!!!! They are so cute! Hope that you are doing well!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the t-shirts and the darling pictures. Good to hear you're all feeling better and about how you made a fun day special for the family.

Becky said...

Love the t-shirts! What an easy, cute idea. Thanks for sharing.