Monday, September 14, 2009

first day of preschool

Today was Little Misters first day of preschool. It was an open house so he got to meet his teacher and meet some new friends. Last night he got to pick his favorite meal for dinner. Can you believe he chose peanut butter and jelly, chips, an orange and home made chocolate cookies for desert. Does he think I can't cook or something, really why do I bother to cook if this is such a big hit :) Oh well, he and sister were very happy with dinner. This morning he woke up ready to go to school! he even asked me to take his picture before we left. Aunt Sissa was kind enough to stay with Little Miss for the morning, Thank you sissa it was a big help. I don't think Little Mister has ever smiled for pictures this much before you can tell he is very proud of himself...

picking out treasures for his teacher, she got a feather and a "beautiful rock"

On the front steps of school
making his place mat for snack time
looking at books in the book loft
While at school he meet his teacher, learned what he needs to do when he gets to school, made a few new friends, and even got to do a few projects. On the way home I told him he could pick out one special treat to have for a snack. Thinking he might pick ice cream or a cookie. He ask me if he could pick anything, and then told me "I want to have some cheese popcorn". So popcorn it was a stop at the grocery store and then on to home. No tears form me today but I am sure they will happen on Wednesday when he goes all by himself. I am so proud of him!!!!


.kim.h. said...

Yay! Glad it went so well! I LOVE THE PICTURES. He looks SO cute!!!

goose and bear said...

These are so cute. He is so grown up and proud of himself. Happy first day of school, and may the rest be as full of fun an joy as this one!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe he is old enough for preschool, where has time gone. I know he will do great and love meeting new friends. Miss them so much - Miss Melney