Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lots of questions and some answers...

As many of you know Little Mister is full of questions for mom and dad. We usually try to find a way to answer them the best way we can for him to understand. He is after all only four. Some of the most recent favorites have been....
LM-"Dad if we can't see God how can we believe in him?"
Dad- " well that's faith son" followed by a long conversation with many more questions

LM-" Mom how hot is the sun"...
Mom "very hot even hotter then the oven, we can look it up when we get home."
LM-" mom if you went on the sun would your life time be over?"
Mom- "Yes honey"
LM- a very long pause followed by " then how do scientist know how hot it is?"

" Mom how do cell phones work?"
" mom will my preschool teacher teach me about how our lungs work, how babies come out and more about our bones and human body"

I am planning on skipping that middle question for as long as I can :)
These and many more questions are in addition to the endless questions about the human body. So many nights are spend with dad looking things up on google or wickapedia. Last nights search included questions about how we see different colors. Brian found this picture and showed it to him along with many others.

Today we found this in his art book, he was very proud to tell me he remembered the brain stem

and this picture of someone breathing and the air going in and out of the lungs

I can't even begin to imagine the questions and drawing his little mind will come up with next!


Holly and Cory said...

He is one smart kid! With all the medical questions is he on his way to becoming a doctor or a nurse? I miss you guys

Anonymous said...

Bubby is very smart. I almost misspelled smart that was great. Anyways. I am so very proud of him. He is going to be amazing when he is older. At least you know he is always thinking.

Love Aunt Sissa