Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fear Not!!!!

We are in the middle of our church day camp Crocodile Dock this week and having so much fun. We have had 105 kids and lots of amazing volunteers. My friend Julie and I are co directing it and have been so happy with how well things are going. There was a rush and craziness over ordering more stuff and making sure we had enough supplies, after all we planned on 80 kids. WE are so excited as we watch what these kids are learning and the friendships they are making. The best part that I can't wait for on friday thanks to a very generous donation we are giving away..... oh wait I can't tell you yet it is a surprise :)
Little Mister is hard to get a picture alone as he is always doing stuff with his friends the "cute crawdads"

LIttle miss is having blast with her two favorite buddies and more friends in her "tiny tadpoles" class.


Becky said...

So glad it is going so well. Great job and I know you put in lots and lots of hard work to make it successful.

Jen said...

As I clicked on my bookmark I thought- I shouldn't check you have been way to busy to blog- but here you are blogging! You have done an amazing job with Crocodile Dock we are having SO much fun it is so exciting to see all the kids learning and loving everything about it.

Abbi's Family said...

Hi Michelle
I checked in on you blog it is so cute. I finally up-dated ours with some new pictures.

kim h. said...

Michelle, thank you so much for all your hard work this week. VBS was a roaring success!!! I had a blast - I can only imagine how much fun the kids had! Your kindness and talent astounds me! :) Love you, friend!

goose and bear said...

I agree...Crocodile Dock rocked! What a great week, thanks to all of your planning and hard work. Thank you!!!