Saturday, February 27, 2010

eye test answers...

Ok because someones little helper confessed on the way home tonight that his friend had his eye test on their computer too I decided to post the answers :) Never trust a 5 year old to keep a secret :)
You were all good at guessing and it gave me some amusement in our crazy weekend between cleaning, showing the house twice, and lots of meetings. Thanks for joining in on the fun. Here are the answers according to Little Mister the day he made the test.

The answers are : Circle, Rocket, upside down house, starfish upside down, eye or TheDeathstar depending on who is taking the test, a stick, a hairbrush, upside down letter P, Upside down Little Mister, two triangles stuck together( no a diamond does not count I was informed), a robot, the wind.
Oh as for a winner look in the mail I will be sending something to each of you.
Hope you are all enjoying your week so far.

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