Saturday, May 9, 2009

tulip fields

At the end of april we went to the tulip fields with some friends and had a fun day. It was really hot and the kids didn't last long looking at the flowers. They enjoyed playing in a little house and a cute horse tire swing. I had hoped for some great pictures but spent most my time chasing LIttle Miss or comforting Little Mister that it was really ok to walk thru the flowers. My two favorite things I over heard that day were both things Little Mister said to his friend miss M. " M we are going to be friends forever" and then as we were walking in they were holding hands and he turns to her and says" M it is just like we are married" . As shocked as I was and not wanting his life to go to fast He couldn't of said it to any one sweeter then miss m. Here is pictures from our day. Some how I missed getting a picture of sweet miss m :( like I said most the day was chasing little ones around and not lots of pictures.

Little Miss's friend Lulu in a cute dress her mom made from pillow cases. yes you read correctly my very talented friend made a dress from pillow cases!

LIttle Miss on a very cute horse tire swing.

hmmm... I wonder what this flower has inside it?

Standing still! quick take a picture...

Lulu and mister L smelling the flowers togther

Another moment of quite in a very busy day...

The flowers were so pretty! I couldn't help but brings some home for myself.

All in all a fun day with good friends!


Jen said...

LOVE the tulip pictures- they're beautiful!

goose and bear said...

GORGEOUS!!! I love the photos of the tulips, both the first and the last. That you managed to take pictures at all was a miracle :) Next year let's leave the kids or the cameras at home!

Carol said...

I just love the picture you took of Lucy. Nice job. A grandma loves stuff like this.