Saturday, May 23, 2009

mothers day

I love being a mom. Yes there are days that I wonder how I got to this point in my life where my days are full of laundry, cleaning house, prepare meals, breaking up arguments, saying no whining please for about the hundredth time and so many other things to wake up and do it again. But the little moments really mean the world to me! Like when Little Miss looks up at me and says "I love you momma" or when little Mister makes me a picture that says I love mom's happy heart! I love them so much and I can' imagine my life without them.
One of my favorite parts of mother days this year was watching them play with daddy. Little miss thought it was so funny when daddy jumped over her head. Sorry the actions shots are not so great defiantly something to work on :) but you get the idea when you look at their smiles!

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Anonymous said...

Darling pictures. You and Brian are the best.
Love you.