Thursday, February 19, 2009

o, p and valentines week

January we had our white Peace rectangles and now we moved on to red love hearts. Little Mister really enjoys getting his shape each day and remembering why he got that day. Yes some days we have had to think really hard but don't we all have those kind of days?

For the letter O we made ocean pictures and ocean snack from blue jello and nemo fruit snacks. Little miss loved it but little Mister was less then thrilled. We also talked about opposites.

The letter P was all about polar bears, penguins, pirate day, prince and princess day, making pizza, and popcorn.

I got these and the polar stickers for clearance at Micheals after christmas. What a find...the had tons of fun craft things marked down to 90% off. We have lots of fun stuff packed away for next year at christmas.

The treasure at the end of the pirate treasure hunt Little Miss and Little Mister had with cousin meme. The kids had so much fun and so did I watching them try to find each of the clues.

We even painted ground hogs for ground hogs. The kids waited all day to find out if they should hang up the spring or winter side. We let daddy tell them when he got home from work. Little Miss was a little unhappy she couldn't see her "pretty" flowers.

THis year we had these little mailboxes up for most of the month and Little miss and mister loved looking to see if they got mail each day. The were the best little find in the dollar bin at Target. I am looking for more if anyone comes across them I would like to decorate some for Valentines day next year. Defiantly a tradition we plan to keep.

We made fun tissue paper hearts for the window and worked on cards together.We have had lots of fun and even had time to make some cute little love bugs.

All in all a very busy last few weeks but lots of fun! This week we are learning the letter Q not quit as much fun as P but hey I will try.


Anonymous said...

You could go to Quizno's for a snack or lunch. :) Or you could be Queen for a day...


meg said...

i like queen for a day idea :)

meg said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't forget a little Quiet time after all the busyness of O and P :)

Thanks for sharing all you fun!