Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

While at Target Thursday Colin asked if he could get me something for Valentines day. I told him daddy would but he really wanted to. So he found a card and asked me to read it to him When I finished reading it to him he smiled so big and said that's the one I want to get. He then insisted that he wanted to get me a new barbie, now grandma or Little Miss would have been thrilled with this idea I put a smile on and took him to the barbie section hoping he would change his mind. He did, he decided that Little miss had so many already that she could share with me. So his next idea a book, which sounded good to me. As we started looking it came clear that the book he wanted for mommy was a star wars book that cost a small fortune. After telling him that is was to much money and that a card could be a present all by it self we were ready to head home. As we were leaving he saw the nail polish, and his face broke out in a huge smile. He said he had a great idea, he wanted to buy nail polish because he broke my last bottle. So he wondered over and looked at all the colors for the longest time his first choice was green, but then he settled on pink. Asking me as we leave to please forget what he got so I could be surprised. When we got home he ran off to his room with tape, paper and a crayon. This morning this is the "surprise" I got.

I feel so loved!!!


Jen said...

That is totally ADORABLE!

Mary Schleining said...


That is SO sweet. What a special boy, and what a lucky Mom you are.

Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job teaching your kids to think of others and what a sweet memory this will be.


Becky said...

How totally precious!! Your son is so very thoughtful and sweet - a great reflection of his Mommy!

goose and bear said...

LOVE this story and your sweetheart of a son. His future wife is going to be a lucky one ;o)