Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Janelle and Chris Preview

Monday I had the great pleasure of taking picture of a sweet couple who's first child is due this May. They are in town visiting some of their  awesome family  and asked me to take some pictures before they head home. Considering they have been living in Arizona for awhile now they were real troopers in the rain.
   My husband first meet Janelle when she was in grade school as she was the youngest sister of a good friend of his. I got to know Janelle better when Brian and I were leading the youth praise band at church.  I will never forget the late nights we spent talking with her and her close friends at a CIY conference one year. We are both blessed by her and her family in many ways! I really just meet Chris but I can tell you in just the short time we were all together I learned he is a genuine person who really loves his wife! Someone I can see anyone getting along with, you know,  just a truly kind person. Plus if Janelle picked him out he has to be a great guy right? Thank you both for a wonderful morning.

   You two are going to be amazing parents!

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Anonymous said...

You did an amazing job, as usual!
I will get to enJOY these for years to come!